Emmys 2013: Draft Pick for my Fantasy BBQ

Last week was the 2013 Emmys. Celebrities rolled up in their limos from all over, in the most expensive gowns and tuxes to only sit for five hours and laugh half heartily at Neil Patrick Harris. Now look, I love award shows. But not for the reasons that everyone else does. I hate sitting for five hours and watching people give awkward acceptance speeches and lame monologues. I watch the Emmys for one reason and one reason only, to draft for my fantasy annual BBQ.

I know what you are thinking, what the hell is a fantasy BBQ? It’s only the best idea ever. Throughout the year I watch each award show, big movie premiere, or any type of entertainment event. I pick out my favorite celebrities to invite to my fantasy BBQ. I don’t ACTUALLY have a BBQ and invite all the people on my list (although I like to think Matt Damon would come if I invited him). I just create a list and mostly just tell my friends who I would invite. Yes, I am crazy and yes I might have a lot of time on my hands.

In case you were curious here is the list of my top three picks to my annual Fantasy BBQ.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: She keeps going and she keeps winning. Even though her new show Veep is not that popular, she killed it on the red carpet and at the Emmys in general. Not only did she look stunning, but she made her costar hold her purse while she made her acceptance speech. I hope she comes to my BBQ and makes him hold it again.


Will Ferrell’s Kids: He was the reason I started my fantasy BBQ. I idolize him and everything he does. Now, I want to invite his whole family. They didn’t say much but they looked cool calm and collected on stage and they were easily the best part of the night. I’d like to think they’re as funny as their dad. And if they’re not, at least their dad is Will Ferrell.


Claire Danes: I am such a die hard Homeland fan so you would think I would already have her on my list. But, she is pretty damn crazy on the show so I was skeptical. After the Emmys it’s a done deal, she even gets a VIP invite. Not only did she look goregous, but she delivered her speech wonderfully. Honestly she can even invite Carrie( the crazy chick she plays on Homeland). In my opinion, the more Claire the better.

clair dances

That’s all for now folks. If you have any suggestions on who is good enough to be on my fantasy BBQ list comment below.

Stay classy,

Hannah Melton


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