Instagram Guide for Guys

tbt 1

Hi Guys,

Another week stressful week is here and I know we all have so much work to do. Are we actually doing that work? No, we are constantly looking at all different outlets of social media any chance we get, especially Instagram. It’s all pretty and artsy pictures and can keep you entertained for hours.

But most importantly bitches love Instagram. So here is the deal.  Guys, I am going to tell you the when to how and when to post the best TBT without guys thinking that you are getting your period. Here are four rules to help you get on your instagram grind.


tbt 3

Just no. Not now, not ever. No selfies.

#2. Don’t make it all about your bros.

tbt 4

Please do not upload pictures every week about you and your friends doing something stupid. Girls can’t relate to the picture and will not like it. And it can make it you look like a douche.

Rule #3

If you can post a cute picture of you as a baby with a funny caption for throwback thursday.

tbt 5

This will show your sensitive side and your funny side. Only do it every once in a while or else you can come across cocky or just “like” happy.

#4. Don’t like a girl’s picture every time she posts one. You will come across desperate and that you have a lot of time on your hands.

Welp, there you go. Hopefully my advice will send you to become insta-famous.

Stay classy,

Hannah Melton


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