Video Recap: Shit Girls Say

Hey ladies,

We have all seen the video Shit Girls Say. Even if you haven’t seen it, I bet you have heard everyone talk about this hilarious video that describes girls perfectly. The entire video basically just mocks how annoying we all are at one time or another. But, I am here to make you feel better. Sure, you might say annoying things sometimes but there is always that one person that can cheer you up and that ladies is none other than Ryan Gosling.

So, here are the best quotes from Shit Girls Says that makes us sound annoying but with memes of Ryan Gosling,

I know you will enjoy!

1.“Could you do me a huge favor?”

blog 1

2. “I had to get up at like 6 this morning”

blog 2

3. “Like, I’m not even joking right now”

blog 4

4. “What’s wrong with my Computer”

blog 3

5. “I hate trying on clothes”



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